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In Kenya, Pakistan, and soon in India, our sewing center project brings a sense of purpose to the lives of the young women who participate. In these cultures, like many others around the world, the narrative confirms that a woman’s worth is only found in her body ­– through childbirth or prostitution. This narrative is being turned upside ­– down by women being honored for their God-given potential ­– learning a skillset to earn an income through dignified work.

In an effort to help restore women’s dignity in their community, Mission ONE partners have opened sewing centers in Kenya, Pakistan, and are planning to open in India. As we’ve seen in other parts of the world, this skill-building space creates opportunities for women where none existed before.

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Making money isn’t just about what women can and cannot buy. It’s about having a seat at the table and finding value in a segment of people who have been discarded and overlooked.

Building a female-driven economy has proven to not only improve how women are perceived in a community, but how they feel about themselves.

With the ability to earn an income comes the ability to:

  • Elevate their household by contributing to finances
  • Provide education for their children
  • Set an example for future generations of women
  • Open doors for education (both skilled and liberal arts)
  • Engage with other women without the presence of men
  • Avoid hazardous, last-resort occupations such as prostitution
  • Experience God’s glory through personal dignity
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We know you care about empowering women. It's who you are. And we want to be part of your story too. Join us, and Junk in the Trunk, in following the stories of these women through the sewing centers. Celebrate with us as we work together through the Global Church to see communities look more like the Kingdom of God. 

We will send you stories of impact from our sewing centers and the many other projects Mission ONE is working on to make communities look more like the Kingdom of God. 


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