Lebanon Relief


A food distribution project will provide Lebanese families with a one-month supply of rice, flour, oil, powdered milk, and lentils to sustain them during a challenging time.

Ever since the civil war ended in 1990, Lebanon has been experiencing a country-wide economic crisis exacerbated by government corruption and accumulating debt—150% of the country’s national output. In 2020, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of Lebanon’s population has fallen into poverty, and food prices have soared more than 400% while the nation’s currency has lost about 90% of its value. As a result, many families have adjusted to eating only one meal a day, hungry as the country hangs by a thread socially, economically, and physically.

Mission ONE’s partner in the Middle East is working alongside families to provide for their basic needs, including supplying food rations.



Our partner will provide a one-month supply of food for 300 Lebanese families, including staples such as rice, flour, oil, powdered milk, lentils, and other non-perishable supplies. In the midst of so many crises in the nation, relieving the burden to put food on the table will bring much-needed sustenance and relief to these families.


Parents like Newel, a single mom in Beirut, can now feed her family and focus instead on addressing the economic impacts of the pandemic, rebuilding her home, and keeping her children in school. Newel no longer has to worry about where her next meal will come from, giving her the energy to imagine a new future rather than just living day by day. Through these food distributions, hundreds of families will be fed, knowing they are cared for, and invite hope into their lives.



Provide 300 families with a one-month ration of food.


Increase the overall level of hope within the Lebanese families during this challenging time.