Beirut Relief


In August 2020, an explosion in the port of Beirut, Lebanon led to 70,000 homes being damaged and 300,000 people experiencing homelessness. This happened in the midst of a global pandemic and a country-wide economic crisis, where over 30% of the Lebanese population was already experiencing financial uncertainty due to joblessness.


The blast caused immense destruction throughout the city and displaced many families who weren’t able to remain in their homes until the damage was assessed and repaired. Much of the damage was centered around windows being blown out, window frames damaged, and walls cracked or destroyed by the intensity of the blast. In addition to structural damage, many of the home appliances were damaged or destroyed due to the blast and flying debris. Our partners in Pakistan are committed to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable families by cleaning up the debris from the initial blast, replacing windows and frames, repairing and painting walls, and replacing appliances.

In addition to the destruction of homes, many businesses were affected not able to reopen until repairs were completed. Our partners would like to give financial gifts to struggling businesses in the affected areas to help them survive this time of forced closures.



Our partners will spend a week cleaning in the streets, meeting families in the most devastated areas of Beirut (St. Michael, Al Marfa, Jisr, and Karantina), and assessing the damage to their home. After the week of assessment and planning, the team will collect volunteers with various forms of expertise (painting, windows, etc.) to begin repairing their homes. They will continue in this way until the work is completed. Also, based on deep level relationships with local businesses, our partners will give $500 gifts to businesses that have been affected by the blast.


Our partners would like to help 80 families with repairs to their homes and replace the needed appliances. They would also like to give 5 businesses financial gifts.



80 homes repaired and families moved back in by January 2021


5 businesses receive financial gifts and are reopened for business by January 2021