NEO Sewing Project

Partner: The National Evangelical Outreach (NEO) Kenya

In the Kenyan community that once inspired Mission ONE founder Bob Schindler to establish the organization in 1988, a sewing project seeks to transform the lives of vulnerable women who have suffered abuse, overcoming barriers to restore their hope and humanity in Christ.

Many women in Kenya face unimaginable hardships growing up, marginalized by the men who hold the power in their communities. Often subject to abuse and violence, many of these women are forced into a life of prostitution in order to make a living, putting them at risk of unwanted pregnancies, sexually-transmitted diseases, and gender-based violence. Still, many women feel resigned to this dark path as the only option to make ends meet for their families, though it makes them feel worthless, unloved, and desperate.

This sewing project hopes to break this cycle, giving these women an alternative path to support their families without having to resort to a life of prostitution.



Our plan is to create a sewing ministry for vulnerable women by teaching them sewing skills in a safe, Christian environment so they can experience the love of God. This sewing ministry would specifically target women in the hardest places – including those who are orphans and homeless. In addition to teaching sewing skills, the program would provide them with a small income so the pressure of providing for their families during the six-month training does not cause them to drop out and return to prostitution or other undignified means.

By supporting the sewing ministry, you are changing the way generations of young women think in this community. For the first time, the women will learn their God-given value and purpose in life. By supporting them in learning a skill, you are reminding them that they are worth more than what they can offer to a man, knowing that they are loved by God as they are.


The sewing ministry hopes to give these women a place to call their own, where they feel loved, wanted, and supported. Just as Jesus calls us to love and help orphans and widows, we hope to instill in these women a sense of value and ownership over their own bodies, minds, and humanity, able to pursue a flourishing life outside of a man’s sole support.



Employ three sewing teachers to teach classes for 12 women in the first year


100% of the women will complete the training in six months, with 80% securing a job within five months of graduation


Transform these women’s perceived self-worth to discover new hope in Christ


Give women dignified avenues to pursue an income through sewing, rather than turning to prostitution