Murecar Car Rental Project

Partner: Mission to Unreached People (MUPE)

The Murecars car rental project is not only providing a reliable service to the community in Kenya, but it also financially supports the work of MUPE ministry and its missionaries serving vulnerable communities in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Uganda. 

Mission ONE partner, Mission to Unreached People (MUPE) is a Christian organization addressing physical and spiritual poverty in the four African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Uganda. Through its team of 25+ missionaries, MUPE focuses on empowering communities through its work in education, healthcare, and church development.  

This ministry work requires planning, logistics, and often travel. When pastors are unable to share God’s love, encourage those who are suffering, and celebrate alongside their community, connection, trust, and relationships suffer. With many pastors spread out across multiple rural communities in various countries, the needs far outweigh the financial resources necessary to continue this work.  


The majority of MUPE’s missionaries minister to families in small villages that rely on them for immediate needs, such as food and clothing. With such great needs and limited resources, many MUPE missionaries have expressed a desire to start small projects that can bring in an income for these families, however, MUPE historically hasn’t had these systems in place nor the financial capital to do so.  

This project supports the work of these missionaries and alleviates some financial concerns that hinder them from further serving the most vulnerable in their local contexts. 



The Murecars car rental project financially supports the work of the MUPE ministry in order to see communities transformed and the gospel expanded. The project began by purchasing and registering three vehicles and hiring one employee to oversee office equipment and operations. Since 2021, the cars have been rented to tourists, business people, and the staff of other nongovernmental organizations.  

Sammy, the adopted son of MUPE’s founders, oversees the project and has a passion to give back to the community with the knowledge he’s gained after graduating from business school. Previously, he helped a friend start a similar business which showed him the need for rental car companies that are trustworthy and reliable.  

Sammy was inspired to start Murecars after being blessed by the ministry itself. He states, “Whenever I am going through my own issues and I lose hope, I always cling to what I have seen MUPE do and it makes me feel silly for feeling hopeless for my little problems. I want to start Murecars to give [MUPE] more opportunities to transform as many communities as they can.” 


Day in and day out, MUPE missionaries are hard at work serving marginalized communities struggling under the weight of poverty. The desired impact is for Murecars to provide MUPE with the financial ability to not only continue the work they are already doing, but also to grow the ministry to reach even more people.  

On top of generating an income to support the missionaries in MUPE’s four focus countries, the Murecars car rental project also employs individuals from the communities MUPE is active in. 



In the first year of the project, generate enough revenue by renting out four cars, three times a week, to financially support 50% of MUPE’s leadership. 


In the second year, expand with one more car to generate enough income to financially support 100% of MUPE’s leadership.  


  • Seven jobs have been created. 
  • Four cars have been purchased (three from Mission ONE start-up funds and one from the profit already made by the business). 
  • The business is averaging a monthly profit of $900 that is being reinvested into MUPE ministry.