MUPE Sewing Project

Partner: Mission to Unreached People (MUPE)

In Kenya, a sewing co-op will provide women with new skills and earn an income through dignified work while reclaiming their God-given value. With a portion of proceeds going back into the co-op itself, the program will be self-sustaining and give new women an opportunity to go through the training program, expanding to additional classes in the future.

In places like Eldoret, Kenya, women live in a society where they are ignored, silenced, and undervalued. Excluded from household decisions and marginalized in their own communities, many women are trapped in generational cycles of poverty that leave them feeling hopeless and desperate. In many cases, women suffer daily injustices at the hands of their husbands, who can be abusive or absent.

Allowing women to make an income and contribute to their families financially begins shifting their own perception of themselves, and changes the perception of how men view them as well.




Our plan is to create a sewing co-op for approximately 200 women where they can learn sewing skills, all while having a safe communal space to share their stories, ask questions, and lean on each other in times of adversity. Currently, the women have been meeting in a place where there have been security and access concerns. This new facility would be adjacent to the church building and include a modern kitchen and dining hall where the women can continue to build relationships with each other. In addition to offering skills training and providing a job at the co-op or helping them start their own businesses, the co-op will also provide counseling and money management services to ensure their holistic growth and development.

As the training program grows, the goal is to add other classes — including gardening, basket- making, and cooking — and create a self-sustaining co-op where the women who complete the program can work and make an income immediately, rather than having to search externally and find work. In addition, a portion of the co-op’s income will go back to the program to pay for general expenses, building maintenance, and provide scholarships for new women who want to receive training, so that the program continues to grow and transform communities.


Empowering women to pursue their own God-given potential and dreams is just the first step to helping them reclaim their future. When women work, they reinvest 90% of their income back into their families, compared with just 35% for men. Empowered women transform their homes and communities — able to flourish in every area of their life — just as God intended. Ultimately, this project seeks to uplift and transform the next generation of Kenyan women by nurturing their God- given talents and lifting them out of poverty in dignified ways.



Construction of the building will take three months. Classes will begin this summer.


100% of the women who start the training program will finish within six months.


Women participating in the program are able to find a job or start their own businesses within six months of graduating.


A year after graduating, women are able to contribute financially to their families and to the program.


Societal attitudes towards women will change in the community, starting with the women themselves and the men around them.