Education Without Boundaries

Location: India

Mission ONE partners are transitioning an Indian seminary’s theology program into an online setting, attracting additional students to achieve financial sustainability so they can be equipped as gospel-led leaders in their own communities. 

For nearly 70 years, our local partners have been training Indian women and men as they seek to give everyone an opportunity to hear the gospel and experience discipleship within a local community of believers. Despite the fact that our partners are connected to over 1,000 churches across India, many aspiring students in rural areas do not have the time or finances to commute and take classes in-person. 


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed our partners in India to establish Education Without Boundaries, a platform for students to take theology courses online, free of charge. Now, students like Kabir, who live in a small village in northern India, can deepen their knowledge of the Bible and play a larger role in their local faith communities— all without needing to forfeit their jobs or leave their homes. As education opportunities grow and expand, Education Without Boundaries will also add additional classes and implement a business model that allows the platform to achieve financial sustainability. 



Courses are currently offered free of charge to any students who are interested in deepening their theological education; only students who want to engage with professors and secure an official degree certificate need to pay. In order to sustain this model and offset the cost of non-paying students, the program will need to expand to enroll additional students. There will also need to be more staff to help record lectures, edit videos, build out curriculums, and help publicize the institute to attract these new students. 


Mission ONE partners in India have always equipped students with a biblical foundation to become transformational leaders who can disciple others and carry out the Great Commission. Through this new online platform, Education Without Boundaries, our partners in India hope to train thousands of unreached students across India so they can grow in Christ and live out their God-given callings.



Enroll 2,000 students within the next two years to reach sustainability. 


  • 25 students are currently enrolled. 
  • 99 courses are now offered online.