Covid Relief in India

Activate a network of churches across India to bring COVID-19 relief and care to families seeking immediate healthcare and grief counseling, as the country experiences a second wave of COVID-19 cases.

India has seen a surging second wave of COVID-19 infections, with hundreds of thousands of new cases and more than 3,000 deaths a day, as of May 2021. The volume of cases is overwhelming healthcare systems, with hospitals and clinics running out of beds, oxygen, and medicine. Across India, there is an atmosphere of panic and heartbreak as many families watch loved ones succumb to the virus. Since the start of the pandemic, India has tracked more than 27 million cases of the coronavirus—though many public health experts believe this number could be even bigger.

COVID-19’s devastation in India is of overwhelming magnitude. To tackle the ramifications of the crisis, Mission ONE and its partner are activating their network of churches across India to care for their local communities, bringing about tangible, large-scale relief.



Mission ONE and its partner in India are assisting families with limited access to healthcare by establishing makeshift care facilities with oxygen, medical care, and isolation and recovery units. To build immunity, they are also helping distribute COVID-19 vaccines and providing transportation to vaccination sites.

For families that have loved ones who are suffering or have passed away from COVID-19, the local church has also established a prayer helpline so anyone can call in to talk to someone in a safe, attentive environment. In addition to grief and trauma counseling, they are also caring for children whose parents have contracted COVID-19.

Finally, to further prevent infections from the coronavirus, partners are also assembling and distributing food, water, and preventive care packages filled with masks, sanitizer, thermometers, soap, supplements, and other items. Ultimately, the plan aims to be holistic, addressing preventative, curative, supportive, and redemptive care aspects of the COVID-19 surge.


Mission ONE’s goal is to help restore health and hope to communities in India as the country perseveres through this second wave. Although the impacts of the pandemic are far-reaching, this is a critical moment for the local church to be God’s vessel to serve these communities. Our desire is that God would be glorified and that new believers would come to faith through the loving care they receive.



Distributed preventative care packages to 3,243 people.


Hundreds of people have been prayed for through a trauma counseling and prayer line.


2 trauma and grief counseling training courses in Hindi, English, and Telugu are being created to equip communities in the long healing process post-pandemic.