Double Your Impact: India Pastors Matching Gift

You can make an impact for the Kingdom by support pastors in India as they work to support themselves. 

“In India, a person’s caste determines whether one is born with honor or shame. Social status appears to be an accident of birth. Yet, God does not create accidents. He made humans with original glory. We are called to bear his name in the world. All of God’s children are adopted, brought into His family through Christ’s blood. As the King of kings, Christ subverts the honor codes that dominate Indian culture. He bears our shame and exalts us with honor.” - Jackson Wu

In India, Mission ONE partners are building bridges to honor and local ownership of the gospel.  

Our partners in India have sent us a video to share directly with you.

The cultural context is hard for Christians and often leaves pastors among the most vulnerable. Sometimes this means their families go days with little or no food. Those church members who do give, do so from what they have. Often bringing whatever they can their farm: okra, rice, meat, etc. Because Christians live outside the hierarchical social system in India they are often left to the hardest and lowest paying jobs, making supporting their local church difficult.  

Despite all these challenges, even during a health pandemic, we have seen pastors step up and inspire others with their commitment and love. Our partners have organized their massive network of pastors to serve daily food distributions to meet those in crisis, nourish their bodies, and pray with them.  

However, in their own households, many of these men and women of God are struggling to make ends meet. When people can’t meet to worship, the pastors’ source of income goes away. 

Fill the gap, help feed pastors in India now 

At a training center in a rural area, our partner reimagined unused land and cultivated a farm. To stretch employment, they are bringing in shifts of laborers each day and rotating them throughout the week so that the most people can benefit from a single job. They now employ almost 200 individuals each week. Through God’s favor, spinach has already been harvested and sold at market. As we speak, a huge crop of okra is being harvested and prepared to be sold. 

Through creative problem solving, income streams were developed for both pastors and people in their community. Our partner plans to replicate this model at all twelve of their training centers in India.  

But they need our help now to support their immediate needs while the farms are planned and built.  

Right now, every dollar you give will be matched, multiplying your impact for the Kingdom. When you give $50, Mission ONE can feed two families for a month.  

While we help our partners to solve the problem of chronic poverty among pastors through farming co-ops, your gift can ensure stability for a family until they can participate.