Meet urgent needs

Mission ONE’s long-time partner in Lebanon and Syria is the Middle East Team

The team has a proven record for serving refugees and displaced peoples in Lebanon and Syria. In addition to providing secure shelter, basic food items, cooking stoves and fuel, blankets and diapers, they also share the gospel of Jesus Christ—using New Testaments, audio Bibles, evangelistic booklets, and personal sharing.

The Middle East Team is a proven, reliable ministry in sharing the love of God in word and deed—with various peoples of the Middle East.

Proven-effective ministry to Syrian refugee families

The Middle East team has helped 2,300 families survive the trauma of Syria’s war. Their work addresses:

  1. social cohesion for children,
  2. food security and nutrition,
  3. shelter and settlement,
  4. economic sustainability, and
  5. spiritual redemption.

To view a seven-page report on the work of the Middle East Team among Syrian refugees, download the 2017 newsletter. It contains an executive summary followed by pictures, stories, and details explaining their work.

Due to the prolonged crisis in Syria, there is an ongoing need for serving Syrian refugee families both in Lebanon and Syria. Their network of trustworthy relationships enables the Middle East Team to provide services to refugee families in an effective manner.

Questions? Please write to Werner Mischke, Executive VP at Mission ONE.