Because of faithful donors like you, Mission ONE has spent over 30 years developing and fostering relationships with indigenously led organizations who are listening to the communities they are already serving and meeting their greatest needs. 

When you support Mission ONE, you are partnering with the Global Church to make communities look more like the Kingdom of God and reach unreached people groups through the expression of the local church. 

Not only do we desire to see more people come to Jesus Christ and experience the power of his life, death, and resurrection, but we also want to work toward sustaining the communities we plant churches in. 

Your gift today will help us raise $800,000 by the end of this year to support our partners to plant new churches where there are none and equip pastors to reach unreached people groups.

With your support this year, we hope to enter into partnership with two new locally-led organizations as we continue to grow.

Every gift, big or small, makes an impact for the Kingdom.

  • $50 can support a pastor and their family while they engage in outreach.
  • $100 can support an entire community as they learn to read the Bible in their own language.
  • $200 can support a newly planted church as a leadership team is mentored.

Mission ONE was founded in 1991 out of a desire to plant churches that represent the cultures and communities in which they are formed. We have spent over 30 years developing and fostering relationships with our partners across multiple continents who are sharing the gospel with those in great need. We partner with the Global Church to make communities look more like the Kingdom of God and provide creative solutions, training, and support through the local expression of the church to reach unreached people groups.  

We were never intended to live in poverty, divided against one another, with little hope for peace, yet that is what most marginalized communities around the world are facing. We believe the local church has the power to transform communities through their understanding of the cultural context and greatest needs of a community. This is how trust is built, and relationships are formed. From there, both spiritual and physical transformations are able to take place, and communities begin to look more like the Kingdom of God. 

The local church is able to serve its community in a unique way. Living in the midst of marginalized communities, our local partners and church leaders are able to listen to those they are serving and provide for their greatest needs. They are planting churches with a holistic gospel in mind, ultimately seeking to create fellowship on the basis of their communities feeling known and seen in a world that often dismisses them. In planting a church without the cultural context and understanding of the community it's in, much would be missed. Relationships would be inauthentic, and attempts to serve could easily be misunderstood. This is why we have made it our mission to partner with local indigenous leaders and missional organizations around the world to plant churches in the areas they are already serving. We want to support and empower them to continue the important work of sharing the gospel and bringing glory to God.

Pokot Girls School

Not only do we desire to see more people come to Jesus Christ and experience the power of his life, death, and resurrection, but we also want to work toward sustaining the communities we plant churches in. We do this by partnering with indigenous leaders of the local church to create locally-sustained projects that aim to transform communities from the inside out. The purpose of starting these projects is to provide safe spaces for marginalized communities to learn vocational skills, earn a dignified income, gain an education, or receive medical care. By creating these projects out of the local church, communities are able to recognize that not only does their spiritual health matter, but their physical, social, and economic needs are also greatly valued by God.  

By planning and promoting these initiatives, women and men are changing the narrative of how they are viewed in their communities. Those living in marginalized communities face social exclusion and disadvantages in their societies. We desire to provide opportunities for them to begin to see their God-given value and their true identities as image-bearers of God. Providing a safe space for them to receive transformational resources through the local church not only provides for them physically, but through mentorship and community, they are also empowered spiritually. In turn, they will learn how to empower others as the impact doesn’t end here but will also be reflected in generations to come. 

The long-term goal of these initiatives is locally sustained development. The desire is for the profits to be reinvested back into the communities and used to fund the work of the church leaders and missionaries who spend their time and resources serving others to build the Kingdom of God. As these missionaries are supported, they are able to continue their work in their various communities and even start more church plants where there are none. This enables even more communities to be transformed for the glory of God and the honor of all peoples and renews hope as the love of Jesus Christ is at the center of it all.  

Whether it be a small business, co-operative, medical clinic, or school, the local church and our indigenous leaders are serving the greatest needs of their communities. We are honored to join them in this work. 

Please join us today by practicing Kingdom generosity in supporting church planting through Mission ONE.


"We love Mission ONE and are grateful for the opportunity to support this wonderful ministry. Our church gets to support the work of the Gospel and assist pastors in countries all around the world. As the vision and reach of Mission ONE continue to grow, Calvary Church is on board believing that God is going to continue expanding and blessing Mission ONE's work."

Dan Plourde Lead Pastor at Calvary Church, Jupiter, FL.  

"Mission ONE is one of my selected charities because of the faith, character, and purpose of the founder, leadership, and staff. Their goal of 'partnering with the global church' through supporting indigenous pastors of proven integrity helps me rest assured my legacy gift is in good hands."

–Marilyn Nasman, legacy giver 

"We have been investing with Mission ONE for more than 10 years and have been impressed with their ability to source opportunities and meet physical and spiritual needs of the impoverished by partnering with nationals and the local church."

–Mike and Colleen Schell, loyal Mission ONE donors