WERNER MISCHKE, Interim President, Director of Training Ministries
Background: Joined Mission ONE in 1992 after spending 11 years in communications and graphic design business.
Passion: Serving the world Christian movement and indigenous ministries … teaching, writing, networking concerning the honor-shame paradigm in Scripture and cross-cultural ministry.

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BOB SCHINDLER, Founder & Global Ambassador
Background: 38+ years in full-time ministry in evangelism and missions. Founded Mission ONE in 1991.
Passion: Being a friend to key leaders in Africa and Asia … listening and leading … teaching God’s Word … sharing his life message: “Through Our Pain, Toward God’s Purpose.”

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Mission ONE Board of Directors

Mr. Kurt Gusinde, CFA, CFP, Exeter Financial, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Phil Kenny, Philips Lighting, Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Werner Mischke, Interim President, Mission ONE, Scottsdale, AZ

Mrs. Marilyn Nasman, Retired, Friday Harbor, WA  

Rev. Bob Schindler, Founder & Global Ambassador, Mission ONE, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Eric Tooker, JD, (Chairman), Attorney, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Mark Toothman, Kairos Foundation, Jupiter, FL