Mission ONE is seeking qualified individuals to join our team.

Feasibility Study Associate (FSA)

The Mission ONE Feasibility Study Associate (FSA) manages the administrative portion of the interview process and acts as the liaison between Mission ONE and Kyle Advancement Council (KAC), a consultant hired by Mission ONE. This person must be detail oriented and successful at multi-tasking. Experience in managing complex scheduling processes is valuable. Excel software skills are helpful.

The FSA plays a critical role primarily during the set-up phase of a feasibility study that Mission ONE is conducting to determine a future campaign, and the intensity of the work continues for approximately six weeks. The FSA will maintain close contact with KAC over the course of this period.  During this crucial set-up phase, contact will most likely be on a daily basis. The FSA must have a professional rapport, especially on the phone (virtually all contact with respondents during the set-up phase is over the phone.) This phone contact is important as it can leave a lasting impression and set the tone for the respondents’ experiences throughout the feasibility study.

Duties include:

  1. Prepare a list of prioritized potential respondents using Mission ONE’s database. Establish this list in consultation with the Executive staff and submit to KAC. Update Interview Talley Sheet
  2. Prepare and mail letters before interviews to pre-selected respondents.
  3. Complete a fact sheet with details about each respondent before an interview.
  4. Communicate with respondents through phone calls to before and after interviews.
  5. Schedule tentative interview dates and times with respondents according to KAC’s pre-determined dates.
  6. Schedule focus groups.
  7. Mail, fax, or email pre-interview materials and confirm respondents have received these items.
  8. Be in constant communication with Mission ONE key staff and KAC throughout the Feasibility Study.

This is a part-time position of 15-20 hours per week. This position is needed for a six-week period between February and April 2019.

If interested please email william@mission1.org.