Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and located just below the equator. It is home to Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, and its population includes more than 120 different indigenous African people groups. Roughly 90 percent of Tanzanians live in rural areas and live off what they can grow on the land. 


Women and girls, particularly young mothers, seeking to study and pursue an education continue to face discriminatory policies. It is an acceptable and widely adopted practice to ban pregnant girls from school. Tanzania has no legal framework to protect migrant workers from being recruited into abusive employment situations overseas and this facilitates the abuse of workers. As a result, many young mothers turn to service jobs out of the country as their only income opportunity and commonly find themselves in trafficking situations. 
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our approach

We were never intended to live in poverty, divided against one another, with little hope for peace. In the Kingdom of God, poverty, violence, division, and hopelessness will not exist. We think that the Church is God’s primary transforming agent in the world. The local church is there to make its community more like the Kingdom of God.

Read on to learn how communities are being transformed in Tanzania.

Our partners

Mission To Unreached People (MUPE), led by Janet Kosgei and her father Hannington Munyao, is an African-led ministry that mentors, disciples, and raises up African leaders to reach ethnolinguistic people groups with little to no access to the message of Jesus. After Hannington spent time in Sudan as a missionary, his heart for Christ and passion for missions resulted in the founding of MUPE. MUPE is mobilizing the African church to send out African missionaries with local support to unreached people. Mission ONE has partnered with MUPE since 2000.

Handeni, Tanzania - August 01, 2015: Maasai mother with her child standing in front of a traditional house in their boma (village) in Tanzania, Africa, on a normal evening.


Murecars Car Rental - Proceeds from the Murecar car rental project will financially support the work of the MUPE ministry and its missionaries serving vulnerable communities in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Uganda.

Gospel Context

East Africa has become a majority Christian culture over the last 200 years. While the message of Jesus has spread far and wide, the good news often lacks a connection to people's everyday lives. Western missionaries left much of the benefits of Jesus's life, death, and resurrection.

To learn more about how Jesus' life, death, and resurrection has the power to lift people out of poverty, check out this blog by our President.

Same, Tanzania, 4th June, 2019:   Maasai  woman in traditional clothing with her baby on her back, washing dishes outside