Mali is a landlocked country in Western Africa with a large trading port at the Niger River. For centuries, its northern city of Timbuktu on the Niger River was a key regional trading post and center of Islamic culture. Nearly 95 percent of the population are Sunni Muslims with highly integrated traditional African beliefs and practices. Geographically, it’s slightly smaller than twice the state of Texas.


In 2019, Mali’s Prime Minister resigned following an upsurge of ethnic violence in the country. Mali has a checkered past of instability. 67 percent of its population was estimated to be under the age of 25.

our approach

We were never intended to live in poverty, divided against one another, with little hope for peace. In the Kingdom of God, poverty, violence, division, and hopelessness will not exist. We think that the Church is God’s primary transforming agent in the world. The local church is there to make its community more like the Kingdom of God.

Read on to learn how communities are being transformed in Mali.

Our partners

Our partnering organization in North Africa have served over 40,000 individuals in need of dental and optical care. Their entire team of trained medical professionals are also coordinating regular discipleship trainings to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their community. By hosting these trainings in the local villages, they have created an approachable setting for people to hear and interact with the gospel. Mission ONE has partnered with the North Africa team since 2016.

Candid Shot in Bamako, Mali. Showing local African ethnicity people in an image concept.


Medical Clinics - Our partners have established many clinics and a church, which serves the community mentally, physically, and spiritually. They are also helping the community grow their capacity to move out of poverty into their God-given potential. They train pastors and missionaries through an extensive network of local churches and emphasize freedom from bondage through Christ.

Education - With such a large percentage of the population being under 25, our partners have recognized the importance of educational interventions. There are few Christian schools in the area and public schools lack the resources to attract competent teachers. Our partners are working to found an internationally accredited Christian K-12 school. The school will provide quality education to students and create natural opportunities for students, their families, and the larger community to experience the gospel.

Gospel Context

People living in North Africa often live by a strict societal code marked by hospitality, reciprocity, and family honor. The idea that God would accept his son even after experiencing much public shame is challenging and attractive to many.

To learn how hope is found in the stories of fathers and sons, check out The Father's Love Booklet.

Little super cute African girl sitting in her desk, proudly writing a letter at school in Bamako, Mali.