Honor and Shame

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An Honor-Bearing Gospel for Shame-Fueled Crises

Issue 1 – Christ Our Peace: Violence, Shame, and Glory in Early Christian Reception of Ephesians 2:11-22

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Creating New Stories of Honor

By Charith Denson | September 3, 2021

  Werner Mischke, Mission ONE Vice President Interviews Terri Marie, storyteller and “Restoring Honor Through Shame” Course Participant Restoring Honor Through Shame was a course led by Mission ONE in partnership with Empower Women Media in the fall of 2020. Nearly 50 female leaders from places like Pakistan, India, the Middle East, and the USA…

podcast episode #3

By Mission ONE | August 25, 2021

  For Chris Flanders, Frank Henderson Stewart’s Honor is a helpful backbone in understanding honor-shame dynamics in all cultures. What do we talk about? Jackson interviews Chris Flanders who says there is no such thing as “honor” or “honor cultures. Yet, this seems to contradict much of what’s been written about honor and shame cultures.…

By Charith Denson | July 10, 2020

SIX WAYS THE BIBLE UNDERMINES RACISM: (#3) THE SURPASSING WORTH OF KNOWING CHRIST JESUS MY LORD This is my third post in this series. I am addressing how the gospel of Christ offers a cure to the pathologies of racism and tribalism. #1: All Gentiles are born “strangers and aliens” #2: The atonement kills hostility between peoples…