Doing Theology. Thinking Mission. Podcast

A new podcast from Mission ONE titled “Doing Theology. Thinking Mission.” will discuss the integration of theology and missiology in order to guide theologians and practitioners alike to make communities more like the Kingdom of God.

Countless evangelical Christians tend to divorce the concepts of theology and missiology in their thinking. This lack of synthesis creates theological blind spots and simplistic strategy. On the one hand, theology without missiology treats the Bible as a piece of abstract text. On the other hand, missiology without theology negates the invaluable application of the gospel to the mission field.

This separation comes at a great cost to the church: without integrating the two, gains are lost in localizing the gospel and having the wisdom to navigate missional contexts. To foster discussion around this important topic, Mission ONE is launching a new podcast.



Mission ONE’s podcast series “Doing Theology. Thinking Mission.” (DTTM) will be co-hosted by Dr. Jackson Wu, Honor and Shame Theologian, and Werner Mischke, Mission ONE Vice President, as well as Carrie Vaughn, a missionary to China for 15 years. With 1-2 seasons annually, each will spotlight distinct themes that reflect a current topic within society or the church relating to this intersection of theology and missiology.

Every season of DTTM will have 12-14 episodes, about half of which will feature expert interviews and the other half conversational episodes between the hosts. In addition, every episode—professionally produced by a sound engineer—is designed to be content-rich, full of resource recommendations for books or articles that will help listeners dive deeper.


The three-part goals for the DTTM podcast series are to:

-Share an interchange of ideas related to theology and missiology.
-Stimulate critical conversations around this intersection, leading to more creative solutions to ministry challenges.
-Connect theologians, missionaries, and churches around the world.

Currently, no existing podcast explores this unique link. By demonstrating synthesized thinking, theologians and ministry practitioners alike will be equipped to reflect on matters in more biblically faithful and culturally meaningful ways. DTTM also specifically aims to influence the conversation around honor and shame, making way for more impactful ministry in varied contexts.



At least 300 downloads for each episode, within 30 days of its release.


Within a month after Season 1 is launched, 30% of listeners will complete 80% of the episode


Gain 150 subscribers by the end of Season 1.


Generate 5 new patron inquiries to Mission One before Season 2.


Average 4.5 stars from 100 ratings before the start of Season 2.