you can create a Better Future for Girls in Pokot

you can create a Better Future for Girls in Pokot

Your gift of any amount matters. Make an impact for girls in Pokot who want to go to school. Help us raise $40,000 by August 19th to build a classroom.

  • Young girls in Pokot are often married off young, but we've heard from them, and they want to go to school. You can make that possible.
  • Your gift helps us expand the school and welcome more girls into a future where they are seen for their God-given value.
  • The community has donated the land, the government is paying the teacher's salaries, and the families are willing to let their girls go to school. We just need your help to build the classroom.
Pokot Girls School

The Pokot Girls School is a recently established all-girls high school that educates young women, not only in basic subjects, but also in social issues that are prevalent within their community such as forced marriage, early pregnancies, and female genital mutilation. This partnership is integrative between community, government, and church, bringing light to how God moves through his people in multifaceted and beautiful ways.

child marriage is keeping girls out of school

Unfortunately, with the impacts of the pandemic continuously being felt in communities near the Pokot Girls School, we are seeing a rise in forced child marriage. Families are experiencing financial crisis and in turn, selling their daughters for a dowry that relieves the burdens they are carrying. These young brides become pregnant quickly, at too early an age for their bodies to manage, are physically unable to birth more children, and experience emotional trauma as their husbands move on to a second or third young wife. 

through education, girls in Pokot will thrive

Our vision for the Pokot Girls School is to boldly educate this local community of girls and, in turn, their families. To instill the hope that is found not only in God but also in a future accompanied by the gift of education. Through education, these young girls are able to find dignified work, supporting and leading their families, communities, and nation in honorable ways.

May the future young women in Pokot be described as: “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue” (Proverbs 31:25-26).

Generous donors like you allow for this beneficial work to be done. Mission ONE is able to support, encourage, and assist the community of Pokot in normalizing girls’ education, shifting generational cycles of poverty, violence, and gender discrimination when we all cooperatively invest in the projects at hand.

Nearly 30 families have agreed to let their girls attend high school for the first time. But we need your help. In just one year, we've outgrown our current school building.

Your gift will build a much-needed classroom

Join us in reaching our goal of $40,000 by August 19th to begin construction on a new classroom as this life-changing school expands to educate more girls.

If you'd prefer to send a check for this campaign you can mail to: Mission ONE PO Box 750 Phoenix, AZ 85001

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