NEO Kenya Team

Wilfred & Rahab Githongo, Team Leaders

Overview: National Evangelical Outreach (NEO) Kenya has been a Mission ONE partner since 1991. NEO’s ministry includes evangelism, church planting, and leadership training. Their evangelistic activities include house to house visitation, praying for the sick, open air meetings, radio ministry, prayer meetings, literature distribution, and working with women, children, and refugees.

NEO is led by Wilfred Githongo. Mission ONE president, Bob Schindler, met Wilfred on his first mission trip to Africa in 1988. God used Wilfred’s testimony and ministry (and the testimony and ministry of Idris Nalos from Sudan) to deeply influence Bob’s heart, which led to the founding of Mission ONE in 1991. Bob and Wilfred have maintained a close personal friendship ever since.

The NEO Kenya Team is being used by God to plant churches that are in turn planting more and more churches, a multiplying effect. A growing priority is the training of local church pastors and elders so that the church may be grounded in truth and refute false teaching.

Countries: Kenya.
Peoples served: More than 37 different tribes in Kenya; main ones include Swahili, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Tugen, Turkana, Masaai, Kamba, Elgeiyo, Marakwet,Kamba, Ndorobo, Pokot, Luo, Borana, Rendile, Samburu, Luhya.
Results since 1991: 38,618 Professions of faith in Christ, 329 Churches planted.
Team members: 16