NEO Kenya: Kijabe Women’s Team

Wilfred & Rahab Githongo, Team Leaders

Overview: National Evangelical Outreach (NEO) Kenya/Kijabe Women has been a Mission ONE partner since 2007. NEO Kijabe Women’s ministry includes evangelism and holistic outreach, primarily to destitute women and children. Their ministry activities include visiting and praying for the sick, literature distribution, door-to-door evangelism, open-air evangelism, counseling, children’s feeding programs, vocational training, refugee ministry, and an AIDS program.

NEO Kenya/Kijabe Women is led by Rahab Githongo Wairimu. She has a strong burden to help women and children who are hurting. Before her husband, Wilfred, became a Christian, their home was a “nightmare.” Having experienced the transforming power of Christ in her husband’s life and her own, Rahab now has a deep desire to share Christ’s love and hope with those who are still suffering in the bondage and consequences of sin.

Countries: Kenya.
Peoples served: Kikuyu, Maasai, Turkana.
Results since 2007: 1,567 Professions of faith in Christ, 2 Churches planted.
Team members: 9