MUPE East Africa Team

Hannington & Agnes Munyao, Team Leaders

Overview: Mission To Unreached People (MUPE) East Africa has been a Mission ONE partner since 2000. MUPE’s ministry includes evangelism and church planting. Their ministry activities include prayer meetings, open air meetings, Jesus Film showings, hospital visits, and mission-mobilization seminars.

MUPE East Africa is led by Hannington and Agnes Munyao. After he and Agnes spent time in Sudan as missionaries, Hannington’s heart for Christ and passion for missions resulted in the founding of MUPE. In addition to “doing” missions, his desire is mobilize the African church to send out African missionaries with African funding to unreached people in Africa.

Countries: Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda
Peoples served: Kenya: Duruma, Digo, Boni, Turkana, Maasai, Ogiek. South Sudan: Jie, Toposa, Nyangatom, Boya, Dinka; Tanzania: Wakuria, Maasai, Murle, Musoma, Wakenye, Wagogo, Wasibiti, Wakiroba, Barbaig; Uganda: Gulu
Results since 2000: 2,481 Professions of faith in Christ, 98 Churches planted.
Team members: 24