Kensud East Africa Team

Willy & Peninah Komen, Team Leaders

Overview: Kensud Medical Mission Trust in Kenya has been a Mission ONE partner since 2000. Kensud’s ministry includes medical missions, evangelism, and church planting. Their ministry activities include medical clinics, nursing, community health outreaches, working with women, and conference speaking—all with an evangelistic focus.

Kensud is led by Willy Komen. They work in remote areas of northern Kenya and South Sudan alongside local churches, if the church is established in the region. KenSud often establishes medical clinics in areas where there are none or revitalizes a clinic that has been shut down. The clinic is staffed with a Christian nurse and stocked with very basic medical supplies.


Countries: Kenya, South Sudan.
Peoples served: Pokot, Marakwet, Tugen, Kacipo, Toposa, Dinga, Lotukho.
Results since 2000: 1,725 Professions of faith in Christ, 13 Churches planted.
Team members: 11