Honor-Shame Curriculum

Journey of Discovery in Honor, Shame, and the Gospel

Would you and your team like to better contextualize the gospel in a way that is biblically faithful and culturally relevant?

You can join Werner Mischke in a convenient, webinar-based missional learning journey about “Honor, Shame and the Gospel”.

Curriculum design for a rich missional learning journey

  • Subject matter expert and author-trainer Werner Mischke will lead you to deeper understanding about “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel”—for the glory of God and the honor of all peoples.
  • Curriculum design based on adult learning theory; four types of learning tasks—1) inductive, 2) input, 3) implementation, 4) integration
  • Primary text is Werner’s book, The Global Gospel
  • The class and conferencing software provides ‘breakout rooms’—allowing for small group discussion with workers from same agency but different region
  • Curriculum will amplify use of ‘story’ to be in balance with propositional truth
  • Step-by-step; not too much in a single session; will try to keep it 
simple but not simplistic

Click on image to download curriculum overview

Affordable, convenient, accessible webinar classes

  • Tuition: $60 per unit of six classes (one per week), three units of classes—total tuition for 18 webinars: $180
  • Sign up for six classes at a time; first class—April 5, 2018
  • One-week or two-week break between six-week class units
  • Each webinar—60 to 75 minutes in length
  • Zoom.us will be the class and conferencing software
  • Downloadable PDF study guide for preparation, reflection, discussion
  • One-week or two-week break between six-week sets
  • Online registration to be offered beginning February 1.

Questions? Write to Werner Mischke: werner@mission1.org

About the instructor

Werner Mischke, D.D. (Hon. Causa), has been serving with Mission ONE since 1992. He currently serves as Interim President and Director of Training Ministries. He is the author of The Global Gospel, and serves as the coordinator of the Honor-Shame Network. He served as coordinator of the Honor-Shame Conference at Wheaton College, June 19–21, 2017. Werner has had the privilege of teaching classes, workshops and seminars about “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel” in India, Lebanon, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States. He has conducted webinars about honor-shame for Missio Nexus and visionSynergy.

Werner’s book, The Global Gospel (published in 2015) has placed him into the global conversation concerning honor-shame and the gospel—especially among mission leaders and cross-cultural workers. His blog is: wernermischke.org.

Mission ONE’s other mission-training resources (produced by Werner Mischke) include: 1) The Beauty of Partnership, a six-week curriculum to help you lead your team to gain the skills for healthy cross-cultural partnerships; and 2) Operation WorldView, an eight-session video-based study series inspired by the Perspectives™ course.

In August 2017, Werner received a Doctorate in Divinity (Hon. Causa) from Hindustan Bible Institute and College (HBI), Chennai, India. HBI is led by Paul R. Gupta, PhD, and is one of Mission ONE’s long-standing cross-cultural ministry partners.

Werner has a long-term special relationship with Mission ONE’s partner in the Middle East—where Arab nationals are building a network of house churches through holistic ministry among various Muslim peoples. Werner’s experiences there have led him into a passionate pursuit of understanding the pivotal cultural value of honor and shame in Scripture and the cultures of the Majority World.