The Father’s Love Gospel Booklet

This pocket-size booklet tells the Good News of Jesus Christ through what is commonly known as “The Story of the Prodigal Son.” To see the booklet page by page, simply scroll down. With this booklet you can easily help people find hope, salvation, and honor in following Jesus Christ.

  • Contains The Story of The Prodigal Son with illustrations
  • Available in English, Spanish, and Arabic (see all three versions below)
  • 20 pages, fits into a shirt pocket
  • Developed in a team approach—incorporates ideas from people from America, the Middle East, and Central Asia
  • Uses the Easy-To-Read Version of the Bible (ERV) so that people for whom English is not their first language—can more easily understand the message (immigrants, international students, refugees)
  • Designed for interaction and easy conversation
  • Explains the Gospel of Jesus in the “language of honor and shame”


English version

Spanish version

Arabic version

Note: the printed booklet reads right-to-left, but the pages are shown here left-to-right.