Community transformation strategy

A strategy for multiplication


Toward our vision of every community transformed for the glory of God, Mission ONE will broaden its partnership ministry—both here in the US and internationally—with a Three x Three Approach.

Three-way Partnership

  1. Local Indigenous Mission: A locally led and registered, Christian organization working to multiply Missional Businesses.
  2. Missional Business Advocates:Experienced business people committed to supporting Local Indigenous Missions. Theses individuals, groups, businesses and churches assist with Missional Business plans; lend their expertise; offer friendship, prayer and encouragement; and provide financial support. In doing so, Missional Business Advocates will experience reciprocal transformation.
  3. Mission ONE: Our staff provides a bridge between Local Indigenous Missions and Missional Business Advocates. We identify new Local Indigenous Missions, mobilize new Missional Business Advocates, and facilitate existing partnerships to grow our global Christian network.

Focused on Three Strategic Activities

1. Training: Mission ONE and Missional Business Advocates will provide curriculum anchored in a biblical theology of work, focused on the fundamentals of business: business plan development, business ethics, sales and marketing, operations, human resources, IT, finance and accounting, etc. Local Indigenous Missions will identify already successful Christian entrepreneurs in their community and offer Missional Business training. Trainees will be identified by their Christian testimony and by having at least one year of success operating a registered business. Missional Business Advocates will lead training sessions with the goal of developing trainers out of the Local Indigenous Mission network.

2. Mentoring: Missional Business Advocates will mentor Local Indigenous Mission entrepreneurs through the development of their Missional Business expansion plans, application for funding, planned implementation, and will provide long-term encouragement and accountability. The goal of the mentor is to reproduce him or herself in a future mentor from the Local Indigenous Mission network.

3. Funding: Mission ONE will establish the Mission ONE Global Fund, which will provide grants to Local Indigenous Missions. The Local Indigenous Missions will loan funds to local Missional Business entrepreneurs who have:

  • completed the prescribed training,
  • developed a Missional Business expansion and implementation plan with a Missional Business Advocate, and
  • been approved for a loan through a formal application process.

Grants from the Mission ONE Global Fund will sustain Local Indigenous Mission lending until the revolving fund is established and viable. Grants from the Mission ONE Global Fund will be governed by its own policies and procedures that determine qualification based on agreed upon Local Indigenous Mission lending practices.

All 3 partners focused on all 3 strategic activities

  • M1—Develop training … Build network of MBA’s … Establish Mission ONE Global Fund (Mission ONE is the bridge)
  • MBA—Execute training and mentoring, and provide funding for the Mission ONE Global Fund
  • LIM—The goal is reproduction. We want the 3 strategic activities to become indigenous … Training, Mentoring, Funding.

With a vision to multiply by design

For more information, contact Bob Schindler, Founder & Global Ambassador:

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