Engage in missional business

Transforming a community in Kenya

The video below from Biltmore Baptist Church highlights their five-year partnership in Kenya that included a Missional Business component. Mission ONE is pleased to have faciliated this partnership—which has been transformational for everyone involved.

Mission ONE empowers its national missionary partners with missional business strategies toward greater ministry impact, self-sustainability and ultimately, community transformation.

A little history behind Mission ONE’s Missional Business strategies

Over Mission ONE’s twenty-five year history the vision of community transformation has guided its mission strategy. In the beginning Mission ONE’s partnerships were committed to evangelism and church planting. God has greatly honored that commitment with nearly ¼ million salvations and over 5000 churches planted.

God has matured the strategy to include compassionate care outreach through projects to provide orphan care, water wells, vocational skills training, refugee aid, disaster relief, help for persecuted Christians, and much more.

Now God is further refining Mission ONE’s strategy with a completely holistic approach that addresses all areas of humanity’s brokenness and fosters reciprocal community transformation. We call this holistic approach Missional Business.

For more information about Missional Business, contact Bob Schindler, Founder/Global Ambassador.