Four Components of Operation WorldView

Watch this sample video (below) of Operation WorldView, Session 2

NOTE: Operation WorldView, Session 1 (the first half of the Biblical component) is not available for preview here.

This is the second half of the Biblical component of Operation WorldView, featuring Werner Mischke completing the teaching called “The Story of His Glory,” based on the article by Steve Hawthorne — an overview of Scripture with God’s glory as the theme. Included at the end of this session is a video segment from “Ee-Taow!”, from New Tribes Mission, which is used by permission.

Key question for Biblical component: What is the Story above all stories?

Answer: The Story of His Glory

Special media:

  • 14-minute video clip from the film, “Abraham” near end of the first session
  • 14-minute video clip from “Ee-Taow!” at the end of the second session

Presenting Scripture from Genesis to Revelation as a single story, Operation WorldView begins with The Story of His Glory, a thrilling overview of the Bible.  “I was deeply moved in a brand new way by this God-centered teaching,” says Werner Mischke. “I believe The Story of His Glory, by Steven Hawthorne, is the best single overview of Scripture in article form that exists in Christian literature today.”

In The Story of His Glory, Steven Hawthorne says, “Worship fulfills the love of God. God loves people so vastly that He…wants to bring them into an honored nearness to Him.” Werner Mischke and Bob Schindler are teaching this drama of worship and love, The Story of His Glory, as part one of Operation WorldView.

Key ideas taught:

  • “The Bible is the astounding drama of God’s love drawing the worship of the nations.”
  • Jesus Christ represents “the crescendo of the story of God’s glory.”
  • “God reveals His glory to all peoples—in order to receive glory from all peoples through worship.”
  • Ancient Abraham is our ‘grandfather;’ we are in The Story!

Outline of Session 1:

  • Introduction
  • Basic concepts about worship and God’s glory
  • The principle of “The Story of His Glory” from Psalm 96
  • Examples from Scripture
    • Abraham
    • Video clip from the film “Abraham”
    • You are in “The Story”

Outline of Session 2:

Examples from Scripture

  • The Exodus
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Other Old Testament examples
  • The glory of God in Christ
  • The glory of God in Paul’s ministry
  • The glory of God in eternity
  • Video clip from “Ee-Taow!”

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“…never seen a more effective tool for mobilizing a congregation.” –Glen Felty, Pastor of Missions, Pennsylvania

“…Operation WorldView is top-down, God-centered, Scripture-based.” Medical student, South Carolina

“…some of the best of Perspectives with classic mission videos” –Tom Telford, missions mobilizer

Watch this sample video (below) of Operation WorldView, Session 3

NOTE: Operation WorldView, Session 4 (the second half of the Historical component) is not available for preview here.

This is the first half of the Historical component of Operation WorldView. After an introduction by Steve Hawthorne, Mission ONE president Bob Schindler presents material based on the article, “The Kingdom Strikes Back: Ten Epochs of Redemptive History.” Learn more at:


Key question for Historical section: What does it mean, the Kingdom strikes back?

Answer: God’s Kingdom always strikes back against His enemy Satan—by the voluntary obedience of His people—or by involuntary means—so that God’s eternal global purposes are accomplished.

How many Christians look at the sweeping changes in history through the lens of God’s unchangeable purpose—to bless all the peoples of the earth for His glory? 

Dr. Ralph Winter’s article, “The Kingdom Strikes Back,” is a broad overview of biblical history and Western history. His conclusions are full of weighty significance for believers today.

Using examples from Scripture and history, Operation WorldView presents the four mission mechanisms for extending God’s blessing: 

1) voluntary going, 2) voluntary coming, 
3) involuntary going, 4) involuntary coming 

What emerges is a greater understanding of our global mission responsibility—and a higher view of God so that we see Him above history, sovereign over the affairs of nations—One who is passionately committed to gathering worshipers from every people, and thus extending His blessing to all the families of the earth. 

Key ideas taught: 

  • God’s passion to extend His glory among all peoples is exhibited in the Old and New Testaments, and in history. 
  • “Where possible God accomplished His will through the voluntary obedience and godliness of his people, but where necessary, He does His will through involuntary means.” 
  • “The coming of blessings brings sober responsibility, da

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“…perfect format for introducing my youth group to a global perspective” –Curry Powell, youth mentor

“…just what we have been looking for…thanks for a brilliant series.” –Bryan Retief, Missions Coordinator, South Africa

“…Operation WorldView has opened the eyes of our church!” –Missions pastor, Georgia

Watch this sample video (below) of Operation WorldView, Session 5

NOTE: Operation WorldView, Session 6 (the second half of the Cultural component) is not available for preview here.

This is session 5 of Operation WorldView, featuring Bob Schindler teaching the first half of the Cultural component. This lesson teaches basic worldview concepts based on the book by Darrow Miller, “Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures.” Included near the end of this session is a video segment from “Transformations 2” describing the spiritual revival that occurred in Uganda; this video segment is used by permission of The Sentinel Group.


Key question: for Cultural component: What is the Romance of the universe?

Answer: God the Father is choosing for His Son a Bride comprised of people from every tribe and tongue and nation.

Special media: Video clip about the amazing revival and transformation that has taken place in Uganda, from “Transformations 2”, by The Sentinel Group. 

There is a Story that beautifully transforms individuals, communities, and nations. What is that transforming Story? It is the Story we find in the Bible — of God revealing His glory to all the peoples of the world through Jesus Christ. 

In the first half of the Cultural component the distinctive power of this transforming Story is presented. Darrow Miller states in his book, Discipling Nations, that this Story should shape our view of life; for it is the true worldview, the biblical worldview. Contrasted are the animistic and the secular worldviews, which inevitably lead to cultures of despair. 

The second half of the Cultural component explores the Romance of the Universe — with images as diverse as wedding pictures, beautiful landscapes, and photos of galaxies taken from the Hubble telescope — all to demonstrate the creative majesty of God. 

Then, a variety of Scriptures are presented that describe the Romance of God the Father — choosing for His Son a Bride, comprised of people from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. It’s deep, beautiful, delightful! 

Key ideas taught: 

  • Three basic worldviews: 1) The animistic worldview is essentially spiritual. 2) The secular worldview is essentially physical. 3) The theistic worldview is essentially relational.
  • Each worldview comes from a different “story,” producing drastically different results.
  • The gospel of Christ — The Story of the Glory of God — is “The Transforming Story” by which nations are discipled. 
  • The universe is a stage for the romance of Christ and His Bride, the Church.
  • Romance is the meaning of the universe; therefore, the Christian life is not about duty, it’s about DELIGHT! Duty is good; delight is better! 
  • Giving yourself to world missions means participating fully in the Romance of the universe.

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“…captured our congregation’s attention like no missions curriculum I have seen…” —Doug Christgau, Pastor of World Missions, Connecticut

“…perfect for church-wide studies, Sunday School classes or small groups.” –Doug Lucas, President, Team Expansion and Editor, Brigada Today

“…fulfills a need we have had for years: mission conference follow-up.” –Jeff Otten, lay mission leader, North Carolina

Watch this sample video (below) of Operation WorldView, Session 8

NOTE: Operation WorldView, Session 7 (the first half of the Strategic component) is not available for preview here.

This is session 8 (Strategic component, Part 2) of Operation WorldView. It begins with Werner Mischke leading a two-minute review of the key questions and answers of Operation WorldView. This is followed by two short videos promoting the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Then … “6 Ways to Reach God’s World” … a series of short videos to help followers of Jesus Christ consider how they can get involved in blessing the peoples and nations of the world.


Key question for Strategic component: What is your Destiny in God’s Story?

Answer: The Story of His Glory is the story of my Glory.

Special media:

  • “The Challenge of the Unfinished Task,” produced by YWAM’s ProclaMedia Productions
  • Special videos promoting the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  • 6 Ways to Reach God’s World produced by OMF International

Bryant Myers says, “The Christian church needs to move toward fostering twin citizenship—first, of our local churches and their contexts—and second, of the global church and the world.”  This twin citizenship was modeled for us by the Apostle Paul, who invested deeply in the local church, but also devoted his life to getting the glorious gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth—where Christ was not yet “named.” 

In this fourth and final component of Operation WorldView, the remaining task of world evangelization is described through video, maps, and diagrams—all in the context of “The Story of His Glory,” and God’s plan to bless all the peoples of the world.

Special emphasis is also given to helping students understand that the Perspectives course is an outstanding next step in becoming a world Christian.

A significant portion of the eighth and final session of Operation WorldView consists of the outstanding short videos from OMF International, 6 Ways To Reach God‘s World. There’s an intro video, followed by a 5-minute video for each of the “Six Ways” … Learn … Pray … Go … Send … Welcome … Mobilize.

Key ideas taught:

  • The 10-40 Window: region containing highest concentration of both unreached peoples and the “poorest of the poor.” 
  • The way we are allocating our resources for mission can be vastly more effective.
  • Our glory is awakened as we worship Him and declare His glory among all the peoples of the earth.
  • You should consider taking the Perspectives course as a next step in your destiny in God’s Story.
  • Which of the 6 Ways To Reach God’s World are a good fit for you?

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“…Isn’t it great to have a class where no one wants it to be over?” –Mark Buchanan, lay mission leader, Connecticut

“…powerful videos combined with dynamic speakers for classic mission teaching.” –Mission mobilizer, Colorado Springs

“…we have seen worldviews radically changed.” –Terry & June Neu, mission mobilizers, Tennessee