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In Kenya, our partners are reporting on the operations of KenSud Medical Mission’s experiences during Covid-19. Workers have found ways to treat and share the word of God to patients even while social distancing.

For many, the difficulties of this year have called into question a lot of previously held beliefs. 2020 has been a time of awakening as much as it has been a time of concern.

In Kenya, the Massai people have traditionally worshipped tribal deities. Courage and strength have been held in the highest regard amidst their volatile terrain. Recently though, one of our partners has been building a relationship with a tribal leader. Up until now, there has been a great deal of resistance to Jesus’ teachings. Entrenched in…

Sewing Centers in Pakistan Supporting Christian Women and Their Families It’s often that we are taught money is the root of all evil. We hear this phrase and understand it to mean that if we covet material wealth, we’re falling for one of Satan’s oldest tricks. And while there is a line to be drawn…

God’s Patience is For Everyone None of us know when we’re going to be called. We can’t foresee the time or the circumstances. It can be in our bleakest of days or at moments when we think we’ve achieved our maximum potential. We also can’t fully prepare for who our messenger will be, but if…

Our partners in the Middle East help a Syrian father after family loses everything in the war Like millions of other Syrians over the past several years, Badar and his family — a wife and two children — fled Syria during the ongoing devastating and violent war. Displaced from their home, they lost all of…

Over a half-million meals have been served across India during this pandemic. Many people have been served food rations, rest, shelter, work, and dignity through the efforts of our partners. We’ve seen extraordinary ownership as pastors and churches in India have stepped out in faith to meet the needs of the people in their communities….

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