Doing Theology. Thinking Mission. Podcast Season 1

Work as a Commentary on God’s Character (w/ Jim Mullins)   What do we talk about? Jim Mullins is a storyteller. He seeks creative expressions of God’s kingdom in everything from wearing a clown suit to being a part of a human shield to protect his neighbors at a Mosque in Phoenix. Jackson and Carrie…

  For Chris Flanders, Frank Henderson Stewart’s Honor is a helpful backbone in understanding honor-shame dynamics in all cultures. What do we talk about? Jackson interviews Chris Flanders who says there is no such thing as “honor” or “honor cultures. Yet, this seems to contradict much of what’s been written about honor and shame cultures….

  All theology is contextualized. Sometimes we hate to admit that because it leaves us with admittedly missing pieces in our biblical understanding puzzle. We want to believe we are coming to the text as a neutral interpreter. Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as a neutral interpreter. None of us reads with an acultural…

While formulas are comfortable, our pursuit of simple, efficient, and portable gospel explanations have led to an anemic church. Is the gospel the message about how to get saved? Maybe not completely. Our fixation on certain doctrines can undermine gospel presentations. In the Cambridge Declaration, which attempts to summarize the gospel, renowned Christian leaders and…

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