When we launched our Investing in the Global Church campaign nearly 18 months ago, we could not have imagined the many disruptions, changes and shifts we have experienced worldwide. Yet, it is exactly in times like these that God’s provision and love shines even more profoundly. For all of us at Mission ONE — our partners, our donors, our prayer warriors, our team, and all those that have joined us in making communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East more like the Kingdom — this has been evident through the amazing support we have received through campaign gifts and commitments totaling more than 3.2 million dollars. We thank God each day for opening hearts and minds to the work of Mission ONE and to the communities we come alongside. YOUR generosity has allowed us to provide training, immediate relief to distressed communities in the wake of COVID and the ensuing lockdowns, as well as enhanced and increased our strategic projects including:

  • Repatriation of refugees in the Middle East, discipling new believers as they move back into their communities.
  • A large-scale farm project in Athipedu, India filling ponds with thousands of fish, providing acres of banana trees, and growing rows of height nutrient vegetables.
  • Sewing centers in Kenya and Pakistan creating dignified income sources for women.
  • 6 dentist chairs donated and headed to Chad where it will allow our partners to serve 50,000 people. 
  • And many other impactful projects.

Through God’s compassion and provision, Mission ONE has continued our global work without interruption. We are beyond thankful. To meet our original campaign goal, there is still $1.5M to raise to fully fund and support the indigenous community transformation Mission ONE envisioned several years ago. Although much has transpired since the start of the Investing in the Global Church campaign, we know with God, this is attainable and possible.

As we look forward with hope and expectation to traveling and seeing our strategic partners (and many of you!) again face to face, we are ever more grateful for the relationships, partners, and donors of Mission ONE.  

Thank you. 

Sandy Shrader

Development Director, Mission ONE