Beauty of Partnership Video Lessons

Part 1: Servanthood

Lesson Objective:

Examine the servanthood of Jesus Christ and the metaphor of “powerboat/sailboat” as it relates to serving a cross-cultural partnership.

Part 2: Listening

Lesson Objective:

Develop empathic listening skills necessary for healthy cross-cultural partnership.

Part 3: Trust

Lesson Objective:

Experience the process of openness—leading to acceptance—leading to trust … all vital for cross-cultural partnership ministry.

Part 4: Both-And

Lesson Objective:

Distinguish “either/or” thinking from “both/and” thinking while identifying your own cultural style and how it compares to that of a majority-world ministry partner.

Part 5: Accountability

Lesson Objective:

Examine the practices of healthy accountability between cross-cultural partners, and understand the principles which undergird them.

Part 6: Appreciation

Lesson Objective:

Distinguish betweening a “problem-solving” mindset and an “Appreciative Inquiry” approach in cross-cultural partnerships.

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