Global Partners

Our global partners are experts in their regions, and each supports local churches with resources, training, strategic planning, and accountability.

Countries: Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire

Mission ONE has been working in West Africa since 2006 through our trusted partners at African Evangelical Christian Mission (AECM), led by Joseph and Gracia Ayigah. AECM has a focus on discipleship, pastoral care through relationships, walking with broken families and freedom from bondage through Christ. Through the local church they have been able to establish schools and clinics to meet the needs of the community. 

Countries: India, Sri Lanka

Cornerstone World Challenge (CWC) India has been a Mission ONE partner since 1992, led by Mrs. Queeny Stephen. Queeny’s late husband founded the ministry after God transformed him as a young Hindu struggling with suicide to a faith-filled preacher for the Kingdom of God. Today, Queeny is leading CWC and challenging the cultural view of women in her country. CWC’s main emphasis is evangelism and church planting among unreached people groups.

Countries: Ethiopia

The Ethiopia Team is made up of a consortium of teams led by Negash Gemeda, largely focused on mentoring and training other missionaries in the region. Discipling an entire network of missionaries creates a cascade model allowing this large team to have an impact on a grand scale. They are planting churches, praying with the sick, developing leaders, mentoring and building relationships on an individual level, and walking alongside communities who are working to utilize their own assets to build businesses and become self-sustaining. Our partnership with the Ethiopia Team began in 2000.

Countries: South Sudan

Severino Maira Janus is the co-founder of the Evangelical Free Church in South Sudan and a Mission ONE partner since 1992. Mission ONE Founder, Bob Schindler, met Severino on his first trip to Africa in 1988 while Severino was a student at Moffat College of the Bible in Kijabe, Kenya. Severino had a strong call and passion to take the word of God back into his war-torn country regardless of the risk to his own life. Today Severino is a leader in the community and a strong mentor to young men who are following his footsteps in ministry.

Countries: India, Nepal

Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI), led by Dr. Gupta has been a Mission ONE partner since 1992 but was founded by Dr. Gupta’s father in 1952. Over the past 65 years, the Bible college has grown into a multifaceted ministry providing theological education, village church planter training and support, ministry training, and children’s outreach all over India. Their graduate-level college has prepared thousands of men and women who are serving the Lord all over the world. HBI has reached thousands of people in India through evangelism and has a goal of reaching nearly 2 million by the year 2025. 

Countries: Kenya, South Sudan

Led by Willy Komen, Kensud has been a Mission ONE partner since 2000. Willy and his team work in remote areas of northern Kenya and South Sudan alongside the local church, if there is a church established in the region. In areas where the church has not yet been established, Kensud helps build and support new church plants. Their focus is on providing medical care through the establishment of health clinics. 

Countries: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar

Mekong Evangelical Mission (MEM) has been a Mission ONE partner since 1995, led by husband and wife Dr. Chansamone and Pon Saiyasak. Chansamone and his family fled their homeland as refugees from the Vietnam War and settled in the USA. While in the US, Chansamone was ministered to, became a Christian, and earned a doctorate in missiology. He then returned to Southeast Asia to share the truth of God’s Word and establish MEM. Holistically ministering to the peoples of the Mekong River Delta, spread throughout several countries, MEM is planting churches, discipling believers, and training up leaders. MEM has a strong belief that all work is sacred. Through the avenues of business and vocational training, they are reconciling the concept of work to the Lord’s intent in creation

Our partnership in the Middle East started in 2001. While the scope of this ministry is broad due to the strategic location in the Middle East, much of partners relationship building has been among the Druze people. This minority group in the Middle East isn’t particularly open to other religious influences or outsiders — but because one of the founding members of the Middle East team is from a Druze background, they have had strong inroads to build these unique discipling opportunities. When war began in the Middle East, our partners opened their doors to respond to the growing refugee crisis as well. As the situation stabilized, our partners have begun to repatriate families. Helping families move back to their original neighborhoods to rebuild their lives and communities through small, missional business initiatives

Countries: Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

Mission To Unreached People (MUPE), led by Janet Kosgei and her father Hannington Munyao, is an African led ministry to mentor, disciple, and raise up African leaders to reach ethnolinguistic people groups with little to no access to the message of Jesus. After Hannington spent time in Sudan as a missionary, his heart for Christ and passion for missions resulted in the founding of MUPE. MUPE is mobilizing the African church to send out African missionaries with local support to unreached people. Mission ONE has partnered with MUPE since 2000. 

Countries: Kenya

The National Evangelical Outreach (NEO) Kenya has been a Mission ONE partner since 1991. Led by husband and wife Wilfred and Rahab Githongo, this partnership ties back to the early roots of Mission ONE. Our founder, Bob Schindler, first met Wilfred during his initial trip to Africa in 1988. God used Wilfred’s testimony and ministry to deeply influence Bob’s heart which led to the founding of Mission ONE. NEO Kenya has planted a network of churches in a cascade model. Where one church is planted and nourished and that church plants another and so on — multiplying their efforts. Over 300 churches have been planted through NEO Kenya. Through these church plants, NEO Kenya has a special focus walking with and supporting women and children.

Countries: Mali, Chad, Niger, Ghana

Our partnering organization in North Africa, led by husband and wife Kingspride and Priscilla Hammond, has served over 40,000 individuals in need of dental and optical care. Their entire team of trained medical professionals are also coordinating regular discipleship trainings to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their community. By hosting these trainings in the local villages, they have created an approachable setting for people to hear and interact with the gospel. Mission ONE has partnered with the North Africa team since 2016.

Countries: South Sudan, Sudan

Since 1991, Reach Out Ministries (ROM), led by Idris Nalos, has been a Mission ONE partner, serving in Sudan and South Sudan. Bob Schindler, Mission ONE Founder, met Idris during his first trip to Africa in 1988. Idris’s story and journey into ministry has been difficult but inspiring. Arrested multiple times for preaching, he has been persecuted and nearly killed for his outspoken faith. ROM was founded in a community were people endure gunfire from war every week, where hardships are commonplace, and people are hungry. ROM is meeting their needs, feeding people, and praying with the broken-spirited. 

Countries: Pakistan

Mission ONE has been working in Pakistan since 1996 through our partners, a local church denomination. Led by a multigenerational team, Danish and his grandfather Inayat Bhatti. Their ministry includes church planting and holistic outreach in the form of humanitarian aid to those suffering in crisis as well as long term work developing vocational work for women.

Countries: Nepal, Bhutan

Mission ONE has been partnering with Transformation Nepal (TN), led by husband and wife Bishwa and Dr. Ramila Karmacharya, since 2009. Raised in a high-caste Hindu family, Bishwa is uniquely equipped to understand the cultural and religious dynamics of the people in Nepal. TN is discipling those who are leaving the religious restraints of their past and raising up local pastors through church plants. Their holistic approach to ministry brings the hope of Jesus to people while their lives are transformed, all through the local church. 

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