ECFA Member since 1997

Mission ONE is a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Mission ONE abides by the ECFA’s “Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship”. Audited financial statements are available upon request. Call the Mission ONE office at 480-951-0900, or contact us. Mission ONE is a 501(c)(3) organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

Mission ONE Board of Directors

Mr. Casey Brennan, Partner and CFO, real estate investment company, Santa Barbara, CA

Mr. Kurt Gusinde, CFA, CFP, Exeter Financial, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Kevin Holt, business owner, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Barrett Jones, Investment Advisor, Strategic Financial Partners, Memphis, TN; football commentator, ESPN

Dr. Werner Mischke, Vice President, Mission ONE, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Mike Schell, (Chairman), Partner, NALS Apartment Homes, Scottsdale, AZ

Rev. Bob Schindler, Founder & Global Ambassador, Mission ONE, Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Wiliam Strickland,  President, Mission ONE, Scottsdale, AZ

Accountability with indigenous ministry partners

Three main features

  1. Deep relationship between Mission ONE leadership and key leader of the partner ministry
    • Aim is to strengthen local accountability
    • Not “father-to-son”, but “brother-to-brother”
    • Most partnerships based on 15+ years of high-trust relationship
    • Periodic visits by Mission ONE to international partner-leaders in Africa and Asia
    • Periodic visits by international partner-leaders to visit Mission ONE friends in USA
  2. Partnership agreement 
    • Between Mission ONE and indigenous ministry orgainization with its own accountability structure
    • Emphasizing of godly character, cultural intelligence, and organizational competence on both sides of the partnership
    • Reviewed semi-annually
  3. Quarterly report system 
    • Quarterly ministry reports are requested to partners and returned to Mission ONE via email; Mission ONE then edits reports and sends to donor-partners
    • Reports contain stories and updates, ministry successes and challenges, some statistics, prayer requests and needs, how funds were distributed
    • Mutually-agreed-up system of “No report/No support”